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an independent and unbiased
investment management service

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in focused portfolio diversification

Your Success

is our Success

Matchpoint Capital Management, LLC

History has shown us that Wall Street is filled with conflicts of interest, high transparent and hidden fees and commissions, biased and self-serving investment recommendations. It is a maze difficult to navigate.

Matchpoint Capital Management, LLC provides an independent and unbiased investment management service to its clients where the interests between our firm and our clients are 100% aligned.

Matchpoint Capital Management, LLC is not associated or compensated by a brokerage firm, insurance company, mutual fund or a bank. We are 100% independent. Fidelity Investments serves strictly as a custodian and clearing agent for our clients accounts.

As a registered investment advisory firm (RIA), Matchpoint Capital Management, LLC is required by law to act as a fiduciary of its clients investment accounts.


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